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02 June 2013 @ 11:50 pm
never walk away  
Notes: For the 30 days of writing challenge on tumblr.
Title: never walk away
Fandom: The Avengers
Pairing: Thor/Bruce
Prompt: sunset
Words: 901 words

never walk away

The view from the balcony of Thor's chambers was extraordinary. Bruce could see to the edge of the city, where the water fell down into some abyss and Heimdall's observatory, still not completely rebuilt but still beautiful in all of its alien appearance. The entire city looked as though it had simply been poured into place, the construction was seamless.

If he'd been an architect, Bruce would've been in awe and yearned to study each and every building. But he wasn't, though that still didn't crush his curiosity and awe at everything he saw. Asgard truly was an alien world and Thor... Thor truly belonged here.

The light from the setting sun had set everything aglow and Bruce watched as it set, feeling his heart sink along with it. He didn't belong here as much as Thor didn't belong on Earth. This alien world so far from Bruce's own was where Thor belonged.

Bruce shivered, though it wasn't quite from the chill of the wind. He pulled the furs he'd been given around him just a little more tightly around his shoulders and continued to stare out at the city that sprawled out before him. If this was to be his only time viewing it, he wanted to commit all of it to memory.

He'd been alone for most of the evening, left to his own devices in Thor's chambers while Thor saw to the duties he'd neglected during his time on Earth. But he had left Bruce with a kiss and a promise that he would return with haste.

That had been at least several hours ago.

Bruce felt out of place. Even if he was dressed in the proper clothing, he was still human. He didn't belong here, as a number of nobles had been so kind to remind him of during dinner.

He stayed out on the balcony, watching the sun as it set and the golden glow slowly recede. The unfamiliar structures and strange architecture only served to remind him of how very much he did not belong. Bruce kept the furs held tightly around him, still not completely sure of himself in his Asgardian clothes.

“Enjoying the view?”

Bruce nearly jumped out of his skin, but his surprise quickly melted away when he turned and saw Thor coming up to join him. He smiled, “It's beautiful; I never thought I'd see anything like this.”

Thor returned his smile, the tired hunch of his shoulders melting away. “You should have seen it when the observatory was complete. At present, it is still being rebuilt – Heimdall is rather... particular about it. After all, it has a very precise purpose to serve.”

“I'd imagine it would be; it's the gateway between Asgard and the other realms, after all,” Bruce turned back to the view. He felt Thor's hand settle at his waist, that feeling of not belonging lingered but fled just a little in the presence of the Asgardian. Even if he didn't belong, it didn't change how he felt about Thor.

“You will see it in all of its glory one day,” Thor said. He sounded sheepish, or as close as a Norse god could, when he next spoke, “I hope that you will, by then, consider Asgard as much your home as Midgard.”

Bruce whipped around, staring up at Thor with wide eyes. “Thor, I–”

He swallowed, struggling to find his words again; Thor was always surprising him, knocking him off his guard and making him reconsider everything. Bruce looked up at him, eyes still wide and breathing coming a little too quickly. He was becoming rather light-headed and inhaled deeply, trying to calm himself.

“Thor... I don't belong here,” Bruce said quietly. “You... you should know that by now. I'm – I'm not one of your people.”

“You belong at my side,” Thor replied. He took hold of Bruce's shoulders, turning him and then gently cupping Bruce's chin so that he could meet his eyes. When they did, he smiled, “That is where you belong so long as you desire it; let no one else tell you otherwise. If there are those who have spoken of such, then tell me so that I might deal with them.”

“I can't let you fight my battles for me. Not when it's the truth.”

Thor frowned, “Do you love me?”

Bruce blinked, confused, “I – yes. What–”

“And you wish to stay with me?”

“More than anything.”

“Then it is enough,” Thor nodded. He leaned forward and kissed Bruce's forehead, “Be true to your feelings and do not let others cloud them. You love me and I love you – it is more than enough. That you wish to stay with me is more than enough; it is at my side that you belong.”

Bruce sighed, and a small smile tugged at the corners of his lips as he met Thor's eyes. He leaned into the embrace, “You make it all sound so easy...”

Thor wrapped his arms around Bruce, pulling him close and tucking him under his chin. “There is only so much that my words can do; I must simply prove to you time and again with my actions, for they speak louder, until such a time as you believe me fully and truly. And I shall continue to do so until you do, of that you have my word.”

Surrounded by Thor and with the smell of ozone strong in the air, Bruce let himself smile and believe that, for once, things would turn out fine.

“I'll hold you to that.”

:: Music :: Innocence :: Avril Lavigne