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02 June 2013 @ 11:48 pm
pretend i'm alright  
Notes: For the now defunct 's gamma theme. Title is taken from Echo by Jason Walker.
Title: pretend i'm alright
Fandom: The Avengers
Pairing: Steve/Tony
Prompt: 10. time
Words: 322 words

pretend i'm alright

Steve knew that waiting was always the worst part. It wasn't something that anyone could ever get used to. The others were worried too and dealing with their own injuries. Bruce was half-conscious, wrapped up in Thor's cape, and leaning against the Asgardian's side. Natasha was letting Coulson disinfect a cut on her forehead that hadn't quite stopped bleeding. None of them were in good shape.

The one surprising thing was that Steve wasn't the one pacing back and forth, wearing a hole into the floor of the waiting one. Instead, he was sitting in one of the uncomfortable plastic chairs while Clint passed back and forth in front of him and bounced on the balls of his feet; nevermind the fact that one of Clint's wrists was in a splint.

None of them said anything, but they all looked up – and Clint paused in his pacing – whenever someone entered the room. All of them were anxious for news and the wait was killing them.

Steve counted the time by how many passes Clint made and by the steady ticking of the clock on the wall. The noises were all too loud but muffled – like he was listening to them from the end of a long tunnel. His heart was beating sluggishly in his chest and breathing felt difficult; he had to breathe around the lump in his throat.

He was startled by Natasha placing her hand gently over his and squeezing. She offered him a small smile, “He'll pull through.”

He couldn't find the words to reply, so he just nodded. But did feel some of the anxiety lessen with Natasha's quiet presence and support. Steve knew that Tony could pull through this – he was a survivor, it was what they did – but there was always that slim chance that he wouldn't.

But he couldn't think about that; he had to focus on Tony's survival. He'd pull through this; he had to.

:: Music :: You're Not Sorry :: Taylor Swift