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The Black Paper Moon

"I'm not the one reflected in your eyes."


. p r o f i l e .

age. 20
gender. female
birthday. december 4
nationality. canadian

twilight series ; star trek tos & nutrek ; durarara!! ; chronicles of narnia ; silent hill ; repo! the genetic opera ; katekyo hitman reborn ; kuroshitsuji ; harry potter ; death note ; yu-gi-oh ; yu-gi-oh 5d's ; bunraku ; tiger & bunny ; marvel cinematic universe ; skyfall

current projects.
Something of Tomorrow – Your soul-mate’s name appears on your wrist the moment they’re born. Steve’s wrist has been blank his entire life. Tony’s gone through life with the name of a dead man on his. The first thing Steve notices when he wakes up in the 21st century is the fact that his wrist now says Anthony Stark. Things get a little hectic after that. [ The Avengers ; Steve/Tony ; kink meme fill ]

erase them with this sound – The battle is over and won, now there’s time to mend what’s broken. [ The Avengers ; Steve/Tony ; kink meme fill ]

The Tales Men Tell – Bruce never expected a god – he never expected anyone. Thor never expected a soulmate. Now they both have a name that they never thought they would have. [ The Avengers ; Thor/Bruce ; side-story to Something of Tomorrow ]

Chase the Dark Away – Thor was unexpectedly good at chess. Bruce discovers that this is a massive turn-on for him. [ The Avengers ; Thor/Bruce ; kink meme fill ]

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