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02 June 2013 @ 11:36 pm
far beyond the skies  
Notes: For the 30 days of writing challenge on tumblr.
Title: far beyond the skies
Fandom: The Avengers
Pairing: Thor/Bruce
Prompt: transformation
Words: 474 words

far beyond the skies

He didn’t recall much of his transformations into the Hulk and, afterwards, he was left with only vague recollections. It was like he was watching a TV with an incredibly poor reception; he got flashes of memories, impressions of what happened. The only thing he remembered of the transformations was the initial pain of everything stretching and growing.

Bruce had talked to Steve about it once, since Steve had gone through something similar. The only difference being that Steve had been completely aware of his body growing from what it had been to what it was now. He’d described it as being, well, indescribable. There wasn’t any way words could do the pain justice.

As for the transformations back, Bruce never remembered those. He simply knew that he usually passed out when it happened and, when he awoke, he was wrapped in a warm clock and held in strong arms.

No matter where he was, Thor always found him. He found him and brought him home without fail. Sometimes Bruce woke up when Thor found him, nestled safely in his arms and shielded from any prying eyes. That was good, since Bruce wasn’t always still clothed when Thor found him.

This was one of those times.

Bruce blinked, vision blurring at the edges when awoke. Once his vision cleared, he was greeted by the familiar deep red of Thor’s cape and the armour covering his chest. He reached a trembling hand up and pressed it against Thor’s chest.

“Where are we?” Bruce asked, voice scratchy. He cleared his throat and swallowed; his throat felt a little like he’d swallowed a glass full of sand.

“Not far from the tower,” Thor replied and pulled Bruce just a little closer to his chest.

His usually booming voice was soft, which Bruce appreciated as a dull throb was making itself known between his eyes. What he wouldn’t give for a glass of water and a soft, comfortable bed right about then. Thor would take care of that, though, he knew.

Thor carefully shifted his hold on Bruce, easily holding him with one arm while keeping Bruce shielded in his cape and against his chest. He pulled Thor’s cloak tighter around him, turning his face away and into Thor’s chest, while the god nudged his way through the conglomeration of SHIELD personnel and reporters to enter the tower.

Despite the armour, Bruce could smell ozone and that certain something unique to Thor. He smiled and curled closer, feeling exhaustion settling in. Once they were safely inside, he began to drift.

“Thor,” Bruce mumbled, half asleep. His words were more than just a little slurred. “How do you always know where I am?”

Thor didn’t immediately respond. When he did, his voice was pitched low and deep, full of emotion, “I’ll always find you, Bruce. It does not matter where you are; I will always come for you.”

Bruce smiled, “Thank you.”

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